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Bill Garland, Small Business Advocate

My passion is helping individuals and teams overcome the obstacles they face. My mission is to help small manufacturers and small businesses succeed in ANY economy. I know how hard is to be a business owner and how challenging it is to compete in the global marketplace.

My mantra is simple.

Time is of the essence. Trust is a currency that is hard to earn, best spent wisely and can be lost in an instant. Communication must be crystal clear and leave no room for error. Most people won’t ask for an explanation. Give them what they need every time.

Procrastination kills. Quick diagnosis, analysis and resolution of any challenge is a must to compete against your competitors. Leaders need to have a team of troubleshooters and empowered problem solvers.

All for one and one for all. Every team member should be focused on helping other team members. Create a home field advantage with a great culture. People who are appreciated and feel they are making a lasting contribution will work harder. They will take very good care of your customers. They will encourage their high performing friends to join the company, too. 

My success has been built on continuous improvement of employees and their processes.

I am a no non-sense problem solver who learned how to achieve buy in and avoid unnecessary crises, conflicts, and confrontations. My communication style is clear, concise and focuses on the solution and preventing future occurrences. Sustainable solutions are broken down into simple executable steps everyone can understand.

I use proactive training and effective mentoring to drive changes in employee skills and minds. To build loyalty and to encourage strategic risk taking, I work shoulder to shoulder with the team. Give them a high five when things go well and stand by them when things don’t. Even the best processes, suppliers and team members have bad days.