In a time of great confusion, would chaos erupt in your company?

Disasters come in all forms — it may not be a hurricane, tornado or wildfire that slows your operations to crawl and sends your customers rushing to the competition.

There is no way to avoid every possible natural disaster but there is no excuse for your company to stall due to a lack of communication! Your operations should never stumble due to confusion, uncertainty or a lack of direction.


How to stack the odds in your favor.

You can prepare your team to keep doing their jobs with advanced directives. They need to know what to do, when and how. No team should have to waste time because you could not be reached. As competitive as world market is now, no company can afford to waste time, money or resources.

You need decision makers. Give them projects of increasing complexity and raise your expectations, too. Be patient when they make mistakes and work with them to learn from them. Start beefing up their knowledge and abilities.

Select employees should be able to do it without thinking twice and others will need to build up their confidence. All are important as you never know who might become the one making the decisions.


Don’t forget your suppliers, too!

No contract is complete without providing advanced directives on how to handle unexpected problems. Your supplier needs to have the authority to manage your products or services according previously agreed upon terms and conditions.

Give them alternative ways of getting in touch with key decision makers any time of day and any day of the week. Do not keep them guessing. Their job is to serve you and the rest of their customers to the best of their abilities — let them!


Wise leaders pave the way for each team member to do their job regardless of the circumstance they find themselves in.

Image source: Neil Thomas on Unsplash​