Perfectionism kills innovation and morale.

New leaders feel the pressure and know the eyes of the world on upon them. They are afraid to rock the boat or take a risk. They want to control everyone all the time. This mindset ensures they won’t ever succeed or grow into their leadership role. Being a perfectionist kills careers.

The power of a quick comeback.

You need to be able to bounce back, think on your feet and lead your team. Perfectionists drive everyone to madness. It is a goal that will never be reached, no matter the effort and energy you put into it. Learn to be satisfied with a great effort. Judge the outcome based on the effort required. You and your team will have many challenges to overcome. At times, a good enough solution will work – even if it is a short time period.

It is starts with what we expect.

We expect our team to draw attention to themselves when things are not going to plan. We want them to raise their hands and say they messed up – they weren’t thinking, they did not ask enough questions or another reason. We expect them to do this so we can address the problem. How we treat them when they admit a mistake makes a HUGE difference. Do we yell and scream or we calm, cool and collected. Wise leaders seek solutions and avoid blame.

You will make mistakes and have to recover.

Like it or not, you are human. If you aren’t trying and if you accept the status quo, you won’t ever make a mistake. This is not what you were hired to do. Pushing the performance envelope means trying new ideas, tactics and strategies. There is no substitute for a well thought through strategy. Even the best plans have flaws and crap happens. You and your team need to improvise, adapt and overcome.

Embrace failure are a part of the journey to success!

Image source: Alex Iby on Unsplash