I encourage new leaders to experiment with new tactics.

Leadership is very situational until one gains experience, confidence and familiarity. The caveat is to be selective, deliberate and cautious. You must be patient. Give each change time to succeed. Wise leaders know they need to pivot – to incrementally adjust their approach depending on results and how each team member responds. They know introducing needless change can make their team resistant and may lead to building an insurgency against them.

Too many leaders subscribe to the “Flavor of the Month”.

They read an article or watch a video about a new technique or leadership style someone else is praising and possibly, selling. Little do they know they are undermining their own authority and losing their team’s confidence by jumping from one idea to another in a panic To the team, the leader appears to be grasping at straws in a desperate search for success. 

Your team needs consistency to build trust and confidence.

It is foolish to expect they will automatically agree with you. Expect to be doubted and challenged. Meaningful victories are critical. For some team members, a consistent leader is more than they have ever expected. Pick a course, stay the course, get a result and then decide what to do. Openly discuss what happened, what went right as well as what needs to be improved. Engaging your team in day to day operations while reminding them of what is important is always a wise move.

Never forget the most important questions leaders ask themselves:

How well am I communicating?

How well am I delegating?

How well am I prioritizing?

Am I taking steps to get my team to step up and perform without me holding their hands?

Am I challenging my senior and more experienced staff?

Are my newer or less experienced staff being mentored?

Your experiences have brought you to where you are today. You will need to hone your skills and add new ones. Have confidence in your own abilities. Know you and your team can overcome any challenge!

Image source: David Fedulov on Unsplash