​Engaging your team members is always a good idea. Here is how to do it using LEAN.

Lean is legendary with regards to streamlining operations, cutting costs, slashing cycle time and improving relationships with customers.

Successful LEAN transformations get every team member involved from the start. No one should be left behind or caught unaware.


Going LEAN is an opportunity to get your team involved.

Wise leaders ask their employees to be involved in process mapping as well as creating the future state, ie, what the next iteration will look like. For many employees, this may be the first time their input is sought as well as having the ability to change and improve their working conditions.


The most successful LEAN projects feature employees taking the lead.

Change for the sake of change will meet significant resistance and is doomed to failure. Change focused on individuals and teams achieving organizational excellence and better serving the customer succeed more readily.


Four ideas to boost employee engagement:

1) When the lean journey begins, give each employee an ideas booklet for them to fill in. This sets the expectation of their active participation.
2) Each employee leads at least one kaizen event in their area. By leading change in their area, the power of LEAN can be realized.
3) Create a vision of employees treating each other as customers – the voice of the customer becomes real.
4) Break down any silos by cross training your employees in different areas of their process. As a leader, you need to be able to shift employees around to eliminate bottlenecks.


What other ways can you think of to engage your team?

LEAN is giving you a blank slate. Use it!

Image source: Daria Nepriakhina on Unsplash​