Successful leaders freely express their gratitude for a job well done.


Gratitude goes a long way to overcome barriers to a person’s success. It immediately clears up any concern about how a leader feels about their team. Wise leaders know the importance of frequent feedback — especially for team members who are stepping out of their comfort zones as well as those who are struggling. A few words can uplift your team’s spirits. Don’t hold back!

Pizza parties are great but they are quickly forgotten.

Throwing a party to celebrate the year’s achievements is great way to end the year and to get ready to roar into a new year. If this the only time you express gratitude, it will be a long time before your team will get another pat on the back!

Did your team perform well last week? Did you miss opportunities to praise your team for a job well done?

Perhaps a team member stepped out of their comfort zone, learned new skills and took on new responsibilities. Your team impressed a new customer by working overtime to meet an aggressive deadline. Maybe they pushed their own doubts aside and supported your effort to save a troubled relationship with a long term customer.

They work hard even when they miss the mark.

The journey to excellence has potholes. There will be challenges that require more than a few days to resolve. Tomorrow’s successes are built on today’s effort. You feedback shows how engaged you are and how interested you are in how well each team member performs.

Some might ask, why should I pat them on the back for doing what is part of their job?

Sincere appreciation fuels performance. When you take a moment to express appreciation for your team’s efforts, they remember it. When times get tough, they will continue to work hard. They won’t give up. Your team knows the long hours and sacrifices will be recognized even if they don’t pay off immediately.

I challenge you to express gratitude consistently year round.

No matter how busy you are, take a moment and thank your team for their efforts. Do it in a manner they and you are comfortable — not every employee craves the spotlight and not every feat deserves a standing ovation. A firm handshake, a smile and a word or two is a small investment in a much brighter tomorrow. To acknowledge outstanding performance, send a handwritten note to the employee’s home address. It will make a lasting impression.
The actions you take to express gratitude will pay huge dividends over time.

A few words of gratitude uplifts a team’s spirits. Attitude is everything!


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