Too many managers do not risk anything because of the fear of failure.

They play small and don’t give it their all. They will ensure ANY effort to improve will not succeed by demonizing anyone who might embarrass them. They are doomed to mediocrity and frustration. The best of their team members will leave as soon as they can. The ones left behind will be followers. They will be around until the company fails or a new leader replaces them.

Failure is the best teacher.

You need victories to win over your doubters. At first, you might tweak a few minor things and then repeat. But be aware — your team EXPECTS you to STEP UP and SOLVE their BIGGEST problems. Your customers do too. This is what leaders do! This is what you MUST do!

Champions step out of their comfort zones.

When you hold yourself back, you also hold back your team. Your team is not learning how to overcome challenges and they won’t reach their full potential. The only way to learn how to bounce back is to fail and struggle your way back. Teams are built on overcoming obstacles. Champions eat failure for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They never grow tired of it. There is a champion in you and in every team member.

You need to develop a relationship with failure. It will happen. Failure is your friend and it controls your destiny!

Image source:      Photographer: Rosie Fraser