Create a pact with your team to establish your expectations and the rules.

Few relationships are more important than the one between a team and their leader. Wise leaders know they need a team they can rely on. Every successful relationship has ground rules and expectations.

Your pact with your team sets everyone up for success — including you.

A leader’s ability to lead change and handle uncertainty separates a struggling leader from a successful one. Wise leader knows how they handle stress and ever changing conditions can boost or destroy their team’s ability to succeed. They are transparent and upfront about the challenges they face, the risks and benefits. They work with their team to create a bullet-proof plan.  They know how to adjust to unexpected circumstances. They are experts at selling change, removing barriers to success, overcoming objections and achieving buy-in. The pact they make with their team provides fertile ground for a powerful relationship to grow.

Here is an example of a pact to get you started:

  • I expect you to work hard and to the best of your ability every day.
  • I expect you to ask questions rather than staying stuck.
  • I expect you to be professional with your colleagues, our customers, suppliers and myself.
  • I expect you to find new and better ways to work. Together, we can remain competitive.
  • I may not be happy you made a mistake I expect you to tell me about it promptly. Meet this expectation and we will fix it together.
  • I invested a lot of time, money and resources to have a workplace where people feel safe stepping out of their comfort zones. I expect you to help me maintain it.
  • I expect you to stay home if you are sick or a family member is sick. It is common courtesy.
  • I will do my best to teach you how I assess and solve problems. During a crisis, I will not have the luxury. Please do as I ask. We can discuss it later.
  • Our customers come first. They expect us to be respectful and responsive. Do not let them down.
  • I will give you opportunities to learn and to advance. I expect you to take them seriously and make the most of them.

Wise leaders have each team member sign a pact as part of the on-boarding process.

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