Beware unofficial arraignments and undocumented transfer of responsibilities.

One employee expected that I would let her oversee the shop even though no one ever told me she did it from time to time for her predecessor. It came up as a complaint in her first review — six months after I joined the company.

Beware “it’s the way we always did it”.

It is the front line for people to fight change. It may be a sacred cow they are not ready to cook and eat. Your reasons for change must be transparent and for obvious benefit of the customer and your team.

When it comes to data management and analysis, trust but verify.

A data management work around for a systematic error became my problem and when politics kick in as they always do, it became something for my critics to have a field day with. My engineer’s “fixes” were the best kept secret in the company. I assumed every one knew!

There are always a handful of people who wanted the job did not get it.

It is unlikely it was explained to them or they have accepted those reasons. They be great allies or thwart your every move. To succeed, you need to delegate responsibilities to people who can trust. Delegate and watch them like a hawk.

There are unsung heroes who make a difference every day.

They are the backbone of your team. Recognize them for their heard work in way they appreciate to keep them producing for you.

Manage your relationship with your predecessor very carefully.

They know the team in ways you will not at first. Most people have blind spots that prevent them from reaching excellence. It is not your place to reveal them. They may not cheer for you when you succeed where they have failed.

Love your outspoken critics.

Those who have the strength to fight endlessly can boost the team’s performance when redirected to constructive activities.

Beware those who never confront you.

A silent employee can be your greatest ally or your staunchest opponent on any given issue. Watch them carefully. Provide opportunities for impromptu conversations.

Success starts with how start your day.

Have a morning routine to manage your stress and keep your priorities straight.

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