It is important milestone when you have won your team’s hearts and minds.

This is not a dominance or now I am the supreme ruler. This is we trust you, we understand your motives and will perform as you expect us to. We expect you to support us, challenge us and listen to us. The large-scale battle for respect and trust is over, Now it is time to walk the difficult line of not breaking their trust. Your actions must be consistent and transparent. Never take their loyalty for granted.

This journey is unique for every leader and team.

Let’s face it. Every new leader wants to win BIG – score a BIG contract with a IMPORTANT customer. The most important customers you have are your OWN team. A wise leader knows and publicly acknowledges they are there to serve their team first and foremost. Their actions show their commitment every single day.

Discipline is a critical factor in winning hearts and minds.

Don’t play favorites nor be a dictator. Drive the direction you wish your team to go by rewarding HOW and WHEN people admit there is a problem. Those who fess up should be prominent in cleaning the mess up.

Give them the resources they need including training and time to bend your ear. Many managers make the mistake of having high expectations and providing little if any support. Senior and self-directed employees can work autonomously 00 they expect to. Newer and less experienced employees cannot be expected to.

Create a career development plan for each employee.

Make sure opportunities for progress are available every week. Most people have higher ambitions than their current jobs. By getting to know your team and developing master list of skills, you can tap into a person’s desire to excel and make meaningful contributions to an effort larger than themselves.

Listen to them and incorporate their ideas. This is a two way street!

Image source: Jason Leung on Unsplash